Adding value to the services you offer.

As any general contractor will tell you - there’s never enough hours in the day and if there were, it would just be filled up with more work.

Rather than working every hour in the day as you create a new property, why not outsource your outdoor work to the Karaoglu team?

In addition to our full range of services that include pool design, waterflow, automation, landscaping and construction, we can also help you deal with the logistic side of things.

We can:

  • Expand on the architect’s idea for yourself or your client
  • Assist in delivering a cost-efficient, high-quality product for your client
  • Liaise with the client regarding the landscape installation work

The team at Karaoglu can add real value to your services and the property being worked on, while also ensuring that bids are fairly priced. Simply submit an RFP and we’ll reply with a detailed bid containing a cost breakdown and what all our services entail.

Explore Our Services:

  • Design and Architecture
  • Build and Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair and Restoration

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